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Our vision and ambitions

"A healthy, prosperous and greener future for everyone"

For the next ten years, we’ll focus on:

  • improving health and wellbeing in all our communities
  • growing our economy and improving living standards
  • reducing the County’s impact on the environment
  • helping everyone access the best of Nottinghamshire.

Altogether, we’re working towards a stronger, more prosperous Nottinghamshire for everyone. While many residents enjoy the best that Nottinghamshire has to offer, health and prosperity are spread unevenly, and some residents miss out.  We must create places which make that fairer. We’ll reduce inequality and support vulnerable and disadvantaged communities, because that’s how we’ll create a better future for us all.

Ambitious for our future

Through the Big Notts Survey, our residents told us what matters to them as we recover from the pandemic and look to the future. These hopes are at the heart of our plan. We want to make sure Nottinghamshire comes out of the pandemic stronger and more resilient than it was before. This means creating the best opportunities for our residents and improving quality of life across the County, and we'll look to secure greater investment to make this happen. By securing a devolution deal from the Government, not only will we tap into more funding, but we’ll have more powers to make a real difference. This will shape areas like education, skills, the economy, transport, and a greener environment. It will also help us deliver our major infrastructure projects, like HS2 and the East Midlands Freeport. And finally, it will give everyone in Nottinghamshire more say in the big decisions that affect our County.

We'll also make sure our core Council services are sustainable and future-proof. We're prioritising our social care services to meet demand and give the best support to those who need it most. But we know that we need to do all of this in a way that protects our environment and natural resources for future generations. So, we've declared a climate emergency in Nottinghamshire and have committed to making all Council activity net carbon neutral by 2030.

These ambitions will shape our actions over the next four years. We provide a wide range of services that will help us achieve them, including:

  • Schools and education
  • Children’s social care, including fostering and adoption 
  • Children’s centres and youth services 
  • Adult social care services 
  • Public health, including mental wellbeing
  • Registration of births, deaths, marriages and civil partnerships 
  • Adult education 
  • Libraries and archives 
  • Roads, bridges, street lighting, public rights of way 
  • Public transport 
  • Trading standards and consumer advice 
  • Heritage and countryside management 
  • Disposal and recycling of household waste 
  • Planning for minerals and waste issues 
  • Emergency planning.

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